Monday, June 27, 2016

The Closing of the American Mind Part 147: What's Being Taught in US History

Today, I was grading essay exams from one of my US history classes when I can across this gem:
After the American Revolution was won, the following years saw the loss of the very personal independence that many of the colonists desired. The first step in this deprivation was the United States Constitution, whose control did not rest in the hands of the common man. The Constitution gave power to a strong, elitist central government that was removed from the people. With the rise to power of the Federalist Party, this elitist idea once again was promulgated.
Not only was the essay plagiarized (source), it shows an alarming trend in diseased progressive thinking.

Progressives have long known that the US Constitution is the only thing standing in their way from creating a federal socialist dictatorship. They've long promoted their counterintuitive concept of the Constitution as a "living" document. In plainspeak, this means that progressives feel free to have the Constitution say whatever the hell they want it to say.

As case in point: The US Supreme Court recently struck down a Texas law that made it a tad more difficult for women to kill babies get an abortion. According to the SCOTUS ruling, the Texas law posed an "undue burden" on women's "constitutional right" to have an abortion.

Only by the stretch of delusional progressive imaginations is there anywhere in the US Constitution a right to abortion. Yet, since the Supreme Court ruled against protecting the unborn in 1973, progressives have marched along in lock-step with the ideal that abortion is a constitutional "right."

But I digress. Back to the student's essay. Progressives no longer seem content to rend the meaning of the US Constitution to fit their dogmas. The trend now is to dismiss completely the document as a bad idea - an elitist grab for federal power.

The shame of this completely inaccurate reading of history is the damage to future generations it will produce. School children will grow up generally thinking that the Constitution was an evil that had to be endured until "enlightened" government could replace the old, corrupt elites.

The result will be yet another generation far removed from learning that the US Constitution is the last, best ideal standing in between them and the tyranny of bad government.