Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Diseased Body of America

If America today were a human body, it would bear the ravages of a parasitic disease affecting the brain.

America's brain has been taken over by a parasite named progressivism. This parasite, in order to preserve itself, has cut off sight and sound from the brain, so that it processes information without crucial input from these key sensory organs. Cutting off sight and sound is the parasite's self-preservation tactic, as it could not survive if it could both see and hear.

Without eyes and ears, the parasite-infested brain thinks it is in control of both internal and external systems. When the outside world refuses to behave as the parasite dictates, it responds with a kind of spastic attack. The parasite lashes out at the world it cannot see nor hear, angered by the outside world's inability to conform to its limited viewpoint.

Because of the progressive parasite, the body itself atrophies from disuse. The arms wither into weakened tools that try to feed the body, but lack the strength to do so. The arms grow thin and pale, atrophied from malnourishment. The parasitic brain smiles in response, leaving the arms to wither and inviting a host of external parasites to invade the body.

These new parasites feed off of what flesh remains to the body, heading straight for the fattest parts in order to deprive the body's muscle tissue access to stored energy. When healthy parts of the body try to fend off the infection, the parasite-brain cuts off all aid and calls those parts of the body names.

Without sight and sound, the body flails around, feeling its way to make sense of the outside world. Limited to processing information only through feeling, the body begins to resemble a zombie, ever more grotesque as the small bit of brain left untouched by the parasite can no longer heal the dead and dying tissue.

In this zombified body, the genitals become overextended and gain a disproportionate amount of importance. The parasite-brain then demands that the rest of the body be defined by the sexual urges of over-developed genitalia. When healthy parts of the body reject the impulses, the diseased brain attempts to bypass the healthy area, starving it to death.

What does remain of the body of America is a strong and good heart. It beats and continues to feed the body, despite the best efforts of the parasite-brain to cut it out of the entire system.

Yet, what the parasite-brain cannot understand is that without the heart, the entire body dies and gets trampled under the feet of others whose bodies are healthier and not rendered deaf and blind.