Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Prescient George Orwell and Obama's Ministry of Truth

I have, on occasion, made the comparison between the dogmas of modern progressivism and the ideas expressed in George Orwell's dystopian novel, 1984. While any government has elements of disfunction and deception, Obama's administration leads the field when it comes to imitating Orwell's concept of doublethink.

Yesterday, Loretta Lynch, the current poor excuse for Attorney General of the United States, released a redacted transcript of a 911 phone call made by the Muslim terrorist who attacked and murdered people in a nightclub in Orlando. Amidst Obama's deception to willfully ignore the religion and the motivation behind the terrorist attack, Lynch took it upon herself to scrub all references of radical Islam and ISIS from the 911 call that the disgusting Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen made in order to broadcast his religion and motivation.

In redacting the transcript, Lynch even refused to print the word "Allah," opting instead to substitute the word "God." As a note, ask any Christian or Muslim. The two names are not interchangeable.

Because of just and accurate public ridicule, the entire transcript was subsequently released.

We know that politicians lie. We know that government hides its idiocies from its citizens. However, the fact that the current administration is attempting to rewrite reality even as it happens constitutes doublethink that would stymie Orwell himself.

That President Obama would use Islamic terrorism to blame the citizens of the US, the 2nd Amendment, and inanimate objects is unconscionable. That Ms. Lynch would redact a text to exclude what everyone already knows is in it, is an act worthy of the most dysfunctional of governments.

We truly are living in a time when Orwell's cautionary tale describes modern progressive philosophy. No sane person who reads 1984 thinks that the society controlled by Big Brother is the way government ought to be.

Progressives, on the other hand, seem to be diving into that dystopian pool with both feet.