Saturday, August 27, 2016

Heroin Overdoses Increase in Ohio: The Siren's Song That is Destroying Lives

In my last blog (link), I talked about the epidemic of heroin abuse and argued that closing the borders with Mexico is not merely a matter of the Progressive ideal to have illegal immigrants overrun the US. Closing the borders is a matter of security against the rampant epidemic of heroin abuse.

As a case in point, this week in Ohio and three other states, there have been a rash of heroin overdoses - more than 225 in the past week.

From one news source:
"It's unlike anything we've seen before," said Hamilton County Commissioner Dennis Deters, who called the outbreak a public health emergency (source).
Many of the overdoses are caused by the heroin being laced with fentanyl - a prescription painkiller - or with carfentanil - a pain killer used on large animals. Both drugs are manufactured in China and are being brought into the US over the border from Mexico, as well as from Canada.

Meanwhile, the progressive plunge into the abyss of nihilism fosters a culture that aids the spread of this epidemic. President Obama welcomes the immigration of illegals as long as they increase the ranks of the socialists. He and the news media ignore the dangers of allowing unrestrained immigration across the borders.

Congress continues to refuse to take responsibility and action to stem the power of the executive branch. Their members are too busy campaigning for reelection. They have very nearly abdicated all power to Obama.

The courts have been filled with ideologues who see nothing wrong with taking sides in the ideological battle, despite what the Constitution actually says or means.

Meanwhile, my lovely, young student languishes in a county jail for possession. She has fallen victim to the siren's song of heroin. While the song is pleasant to listen to at first, it doesn't take long for it to turn into a deadly and fearsome screech that destroys the lives of those who fall prey to its allure.

Our current national policy is 180 degrees wrong. We are paying the price with an epidemic that destroys and kills wherever it reaches.