Friday, September 16, 2016

Got Those Teaching Blues

Now that I'm in full swing into the new school year, it's much more difficult to find extra time to give a rat's patootie about politics. Except, that while working as an educator, I am surrounded by those whose ideas about education and about the government's role in our everyday lives has become so unhinged with reality that the door to reality has broken free, been snatched away by a tornado (full of sharks), and has landed in Oz.

Not even working a majority of the time in the private sector has helped as the school is constantly bombarded by federal and state regulations that prevent the very thing that we're trying to do - educate our children.

In response to the state bureaucracy, our private school has had to restructure to give into petty demands and dictatorial commands. The bureaucracy, of course, is run by people who have never taught in a classroom and is managed by ignorant and leftist ideologues.

These folks are so ignorant of reality and so certain of their abilities that they simply cannot conceive of an educational system that doesn't kowtow to their accepted dogmas.

These dogmas have seeped into every aspect of public education, from K-12 to universities, and are now being forced into the private sector.

Finding out about these state dicta, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

As a side note, I've been reading an excellent book by Jerry Doyle, of Babylon 5 fame, entitled Have You Seen My Country Lately? Mr. Doyle has put a good amount of research into teaching about the leftist takeover of our country since the 1960s and what he calls economic fascism. Take a look at it. It's worth the read.

It's even better as an audio book, read by Doyle himself.

In the meantime, I work and work and spin my wheels and rarely get to spend some time writing this blog.