Wednesday, September 28, 2016

It's All Thanks to Obamacare!

When Obamacare passed through the Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid Congress without a single Republican vote, then was signed into law by President Obama, a lot of people cheered that the US had finally come into the 21st century to form a wise and glorious health care system to insure its citizens.

It was lauded and praised in the news media as the best thing to ever happen to any government ever in the history of forever.

I come here today, not to praise Obamacare, but to bury it.

That year Obamacare passed, my insurance premiums went up 280%. That's right, the brilliant plan of the "Affordable Care Act" had the nearly immediate effect of reducing the amount of money I could spend on my family by some $900 a month.

Each year since then, either my premiums have risen, or I've had to take greater economic risks with huge premiums, high co-payments, ever higher deductibles (currently $6000), and less coverage.

Thanks directly to Obamacare, I can now barely afford my "affordable care."

Today I found out that my insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, will no longer sell individual insurance plans in Maricopa County after this December. Maricopa County contains the Phoenix metropolitan area of over four million people.

 United Healthcare is also dropping out of Arizona.

Yet, thanks to Obamacare, two major companies can no longer afford to sell insurance in my city.

So, thank you Barack Obama. Thank you Nancy Pelosi. Thank you Harry Reid. Under your direction and vast wisdom, you have succeeded in breaking the health insurance market for me and for millions of citizens in Arizona.

But hey, at least our illegal immigrants can still get free health care.