Thursday, October 20, 2016

Serious Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary

I could never support, nor vote for Hillary Clinton for president of the United States. Unfortunately, the people of our country have generally become selfish, immoral, and greedy because of the false promises of Santa Claus socialism. Hillary represents that part of our population which, through severe ignorance, has deluded itself into thinking government is the solution to the problems in the world. Here is a short list of reasons why I won't vote for her, which should be reasons why no one should vote for her.

  1. The next president of the US will be picking several Supreme Court Justices. Our court system teeters on the edge of a complete disregard for the Constitution and the laws which created the best system of government and the freest people on the earth. Hillary would choose justices based merely on the nebulous ideology of social justice, rather than choosing justices who would protect the Constitution and uphold our laws.
  2. Hillary will actively abuse her office to undermine the 2nd Amendment. She has little regard for the Constitution and none for the right to keep and bear arms. She doesn't understand the 2nd Amendment, except as an obstacle in her path to remove guns from the population. The 2nd Amendment gives all Americans the right to defend themselves from tyranny and violence. Hillary wants to take that right away.
  3. Hillary wants to protect the wonton killing of babies at any price. She calls it a woman's choice. Abortion is an inherently immoral position that flies in the face of a more reasonable and careful population. Our society as a whole has so devalued human life, that we sustain businesses such as Planned Parenthood that promote abortion and the selling of the dismembered parts of the unborn. Those who so callously support killing the unborn bear the shame and guilt of heinous acts against humanity.
  4. Hillary cannot both support her ideology and support the free expression of religion. She pays lip service to the rights of the religious, but every word, action, and belief denies religion the free exercise to disagree with her ideology, and to disagree with the special interest groups her ideology has created.
  5. Hillary's concept of economics is blinded by the bankrupt policies of socialism. Simply put, the government cannot tax and spend itself into prosperity.
  6. Hillary has proven that she is incapable of forming a coherent, strong, working foreign policy. Under her guidance as Secretary of State, US relations with other countries has never been worse. Her policies have left the Mideast as unstable as any time in history. Russia, China, Iran, and even North Korea are more dangerous to the world than ever before.
  7. Hillary will attempt to implement an open border policy. Open borders, especially with Mexico, will allow thousands upon thousands of unemployed people into the US. Since, under Hillary, the government must take care of all of them, the people of the United States will be robbed of their money to pay for Hillary's folly. 
  8. More importantly than people crossing the border, terrorists, drugs and weapons are now freely brought into the US because of our porous borders. The ideology of open borders is as immoral and destructive as starting a land war in Asia.
  9. Hillary's solution to all the ills of the country is to make the rich and the corporations "pay their fair share." This point of view is economic suicide. The middle class will suffer the most from tax and spend policies.
  10. Hillary's desire to expand government entitlements threatens to destroy the US economy. Obamacare has proven to be a huge waste of money, which threatens to pull down the entire medical industry. Prices rise as services disappear. Obamacare threatens to drag a large percentage of Americans down to a subsistence level. Hillary wants to add even more unwieldy programs into the overtaxed system and fully supports Obamacare.