Saturday, December 3, 2016

Random Thoughts on a Saturday

The mainstream news media continues to promote story after story about how awful Donald Trump is. Considering the love affair we had to endure when President Obama was elected, we are now subjected to even worse propaganda - the propaganda that any and all of Mr. Trump's actions does not reflect "American" values.

Considering that Trump got himself elected President of the United States, I'd say that the news media have absolutely no clue what American values are.

Hillary lost the election. Get over it.

Why did Hillary lose the election? Perhaps not all of the people of the US are mindless zombies who agree with the shrill shrieks coming from progressive elites that the US is The Evil Empire, founded on the principles of H8 and victimization.

Did you notice how quickly the the media dropped the story about the Muslim terrorist who plowed a car into, then cut up students at Ohio State? Apparently, even devout leftists cannot convince themselves that the violence: 1) wasn't motivated by extreme Islamism; 2) can be blamed on a gun; 3) was stopped by someone with a gun; 4) was perpetrated by a US-born white male.

Not that the progressive elites and the media didn't try to blame white males for the attack. Their attempts only underscore just how bizarre and out-of-touch with reality progressives have become. (Thank you Tim Kaine for your anti-gun Tweet!)

As far as I can tell, Mr. Trump's greatest problem right now is his ego. Hopefully, when he settles on a cabinet and fills the immediate government positions with capable people (General Mattis!), he will become a capable policy maker.

Can Trump survive four years of bad press?

Can Trump survive Chinese posturing?

He's got to be better at foreign affairs than Mr. Obama.

Jack Whittaker, a man who won the Powerball lottery to the tune of $315 million dollars, went broke, lost his daughter, lost his granddaughter, and his home recently burned down. What can we learn from this? I take away the lesson that the lottery is an evil institution that gives false hope, even to those who win.

Even after the government takes half of the $315 million winnings, how do you go broke living on $157 million dollars?

Meanwhile, in Progressiville, USA, Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the 49ers who sat through the national anthem in protest of Trump (or something) and praised Fidel Castro for his values (or something), just bought a Manhattan condo for $3.21 million dollars.

Kaepernick has now, officially, become the poster child for all that is so very wrong with progressive ideology.