Monday, February 29, 2016

W.B. Yeats Had It Right

As I have watched the primary elections unfold, and considering the fragile state of our republic, I am reminded of W.B. Yeats' poem, written nearly 100 years ago. In the poem "The Second Coming," Yeats expressed a longing for the return of Christ. In the context of the horrors of the First World War, the sentiments are understandable. Yet, the poem also expresses the decay of the moral fiber of humanity, as expressed in the devastating losses of the war.

I believe the ideas are as relevant today as they were then. Instead of the ravages of war, however, we suffer the ravages a sick society, bent on self destruction.

Here's an excerpt:

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity....

The darkness drops again but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New Google Chrome Extension: Choice Language

In an effort to keep progressive ideology pure and untainted from the world, a group calling itself the National Institute for Reproductive Health provides an extension for Google Chrome. The extension replaces the phrase "pro-life" with "anti-choice" on any page on the web. A statement from the NIRH extension explains:
Those who stand against a woman's right to decide what is best for her own body prop themselves up as righteous saviors using a problematic framework of rhetoric and religion. The term "pro-life" is inaccurate in this argument – although it is a powerful tool in the fight against women's health rights – as it serves to demonize individuals who are pro-choice by suggesting that in their support of a woman's right to choose what is best for her own life, they also advocate for death in some way. (Source)
As an expression of the progressive mind, this short statement speaks volumes about how far into left field leftists have wandered in their attempt to recreate the world in their own image. (As of this writing, progressives have now run past left field, across the bull pen, and now are located about three miles outside of the stadium.)

I think, however, that this extension doesn't go far enough to satisfy the demands of progressives' angry dogmas. I have here a modest list of terms that the NIRH should put into a new extension and make available for every web browser. (Yes, even IE.) Easily offended progressives, after all, must not be exposed to any hurtful ideas or words that may disconnect from their ideology.

For example, the terms "man" and "woman" should be replaced by "humyn." The terms "fetus," "embryo," "baby,"  and "child" should be replaced with "tissue."

The term "conservative" should be replaced by the term "terrorist," as many on the left cannot see any differences between the two. The term "Republican" should also change to "terrorist," as progressives think that all Republicans are also conservatives, and at any rate, consider Republicans to be the primary cause of evil in the world. On the progressive side, the term "Democratic" should be replaced by "the Party."

Here are other changes to consider for a web browser extension:

life - anti-choice
liberty - fairness
pursuit of happiness - progressivism
individual rights - dangerous loner actions
rights - progressive way of thinking
free speech - hate speech
freedom of religion - freedom from religion
gun rights - promotion of terrorism
gun - assault weapon
pro-gun - dangerous thug
anti-gun - common sense
NRA - right wing gun nutjob
election - right wing conspiracy
black - *deleted*
hispanic - white
white - white privilege
disagree - is hurtful and destructive
political correctness - common sense
Islamic terrorism - freedom fighters
Christians - Islamophobes
illegal immigration - racism
socialism - fairness
rich - evil billionaires
socialism - progressivism
communism - progressivism
work - making a living wage
minimum wage - living wage
heterosexual - homophobe
homosexual - gay
transsexual - gender identity
George W. Bush - Hitler
Hillary - Her Majesty
private email server - Republican witch hunt
Trump - evil overlord

The possibilities are endless. For example, to keep progressives from accidentally viewing hateful speech online, the extension would redirect any links to such websites as Fox News or the Drudge Report to the website for Slate. Web browsers could also redirect to speeches by Hillary or Bernie whenever progressives have had to interact with the unbelievers.

With such browser extensions, the world of the progressive doesn't have to be filled with hurtful language which might fracture fragile psyches. Instead, with the simple addition of an extension, progressives can enter the hurtful world of the interwebs knowing they will never again be subjected to unauthorized thoughts or opinions.

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Glossary of Feminist Terms

Here's your handy-dandy dictionary to help you keep up with the latest terms feminists use. The definitions that feminists use are confusing to the extreme, so I've done a bit of simplifying to make things more understandable.

You're welcome.

What used to be called "women." Now it means anyone who can have babies, including men.

Little boys whose parents raise them to be little girls.

Acting like a woman, especially if you're a man.

A social movement divided into three periods: 1) the movement to extend voting rights to women; 2) the movement to extend employment equality; 3) the movement to condemn all men for being rapists and gender oppressors, and to "choose" to kill babies in a safe and legal manner.

A complete social construct that has absolutely nothing to do with sexual reproduction, biology, or evolution. An anti-scientific theory that personal perception can change a person's chromosomes.

Gender Identity
A social construct that allows, for example, a world-class athlete to pretend to be a women and have the adulation and applause of the national news media. Identifying as a gender other than the one you were born with automatically qualifies you for the Medal of Freedom, unless you turn out to be a political conservative.

Gender Identity Oppression
The social doctrine that once a man decides he is a woman, all people must immediately agree with him, er, her or be ridiculed and oppressed by the news media, angry progressives, or any woman who has to share a bathroom with a man.

Gender Neutral Pronoun
The reason we now use the third person plural pronoun to identify third person singular objects in a sentence. For example, "If someone doesn't want to use gender, non-specific language, they can stuff it."

A term only useable by confirmed feminists. Anyone not doctrinally pure who uses the term will be condemned as a bigot. Otherwise the term has no real meaning.

A social construct that marginalizes and vilifies anyone who disagrees with a "fluid" interpretation of gender.

The mistaken belief that biology has something to do with sex.

The institutionalization of homosexual behavior in order to marginalize heterosexual people.

The belief that all bigotry is related, thus allowing feminists, without proof, to assume that all men are sexists, rapists, bigots, racists, homophobes, and transphobes.

What used to be called "men." Now it means anyone who cannot bear children, apparently including all post-menopausal women and pre-menstrual girls.

Male Privilege
The doctrine that no man has any value whatsoever.

Little girls whose parents raise them to be little boys.

Acting like a man, especially if you are a women. In feminist doctrine, men are forbidden to act like men. Only women are allowed to be masculine and act like men.

Disagreeing with a feminist.

A social construct in which feminists are free to condemn men for being born male and identifying as male.

What we used to call men and women, but which now has no connection with biology, genitals, reproduction, social constraints, or naked tumbles in the back seat of a convertible.

Sexual Orientation
What used to be called sexual behavior. The anti-science institution that allows women to act as badly as men and allows men to take no responsibility for women.

The idea that all men are related to sus scrofa domesticus.

A social construct that actively promotes the idea that men should dress like women.

A social construct that actively promotes the idea that men and women should have their body parts sliced up and replaced in order to feel better about themselves.

The idea that women have to act like men in order to be special and appreciated.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Top Ten Reasons Why Progressives Don't Make a Lick of Sense

Ten reasons why progressives don't make a lick of sense:

1) Progressives blame everyone but themselves when policies they created turn out to be bad.
Example: The Failure of Modern Education

2) If a policy or program is bad, progressives will always want to increase spending on it.
Example: Voting for More Money for the War on Poverty, which Started 50 Years Ago

3) Progressives believe the free market to be evil, while benefiting from it.
Example: The Disconnect In Hollywood

4) Progressives blame others for sexism and racism, while promoting sexism and racism.
Example: The War on Conservative Women

5) The entire ideal of women's rights boils down to supporting abortions.
Example: The Abortion Disease

6) If progressives don't like someone's beliefs, they ridicule, name call, and condemn, all the while calling themselves open-minded and compassionate.
Example: Hate Speech

7) Progressives consider human relationships built on immoral dogmas to serve a public good.
Example: Gay Marriage

8) Progressives will uphold their dogmas, even if they have to ignore laws to do it.
Example: Ignoring the Law

9) Progressive politicians consider themselves above the law or accountability.
Example: At This Point, What Difference Does It Make?

10) Progressives think they are smarter than everyone else, because they fund research projects which prove it.
Example: A Faulty Study on Liberal Intelligence

Monday, February 8, 2016

Quote: On the Moralism of the Left


The genius of liberalism, and the key to its great power, is that it promotes a certain view of the meaning of human existence, while claiming to be neutral on the question of the good. The New Liberalism pursues a certain moral vision only negatively, without having to take responsibility for any substantive moral principles, and it enacts this vision by criticizing, dissolving and undermining the authority of traditional morality and religion.

- Ralph C. Hancock

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Beware the Cult of Personality

One hundred and seventy three years ago, when I was still an undergraduate in college, I had the good fortune of taking a class on the history of the social sciences. I learned about and read from folks like August Compte, Herbert Spencer, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, and yes, even Karl Marx. I have since come to realize that most of the thoughts of these gentlemen were pure hogwash, but also find that sometimes they actually had something to say about how societies are put together.

Max Weber, among other things, taught us about power and government rule. He outlined where political authority comes from, categorizing power into three groups: charismatic authority, legal authority, and traditional authority.

The United States was founded on the concept of legal authority. The Constitution was written as the supreme law of the land. The founders also understood that the rule of law promoted the most good for the most people.

Since the introduction of progressivism (a code word for socialism) in the US, politicians have chopped away at the Constitution and the rule of law in order to promote socialist programs that ostensibly help the poor. (I say ostensibly, because in practice, socialist programs have never produced any expected results.) With billions spent on welfare programs, on education, and now to prop up health insurance companies, our "progress" remains negligible. The number of poor has increased. The test scores of students remain the same and, in some places, are declining. Obamacare has increased costs and taxes, decreased coverage (except for that all important birth control!) and has failed to enroll the very people it was designed to protect.

All this has occurred because the people of the US have gradually given up the legal authority of the Constitution in favor of charismatic authority. We've replaced laws with charismatic leaders. We've turned the US from the rule of the people into a nation ruled by the cult of personality.

The cult of personality exists when people put their faith in individuals rather than in principles. A cult of personality exists when people praise and adore their politician. These cults are maintained through flattery and propaganda.

In the US, we have set our leaders up as demigods and grant them powers to "save us" from the "ravages" of life, economics, terrorism, poor choices, health problems, or the mean people over there that we don't like. We blindly follow anyone who will preach to us the gospel we want to hear, despite the obvious evidence that these chosen leaders don't really believe the twaddle they spew from their mouths. (Even more dangerous is someone like Bernie Sanders who actually believes his own twaddle. There's nothing more dangerous than a true twaddle believer.)

The sad part is that most Americans no longer stop to think of the damage that one person can cause a country. The demons of the past are lost to history and are forgotten.

We no longer pay attention to good ideas, but are deafened by soundbites and witty comebacks. We no longer even ask the question, "Which candidate will uphold the Constitution?" Instead, we bow and scrape before some of the most dishonest members of our society and are blinded enough to call them leaders.

What could possibly go wrong?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Some Thoughts on the Primary Elections

With the primaries starting this week in Iowa, I've been pondering the problems that face the country. Most everyone agrees that the country is headed in the wrong direction and that our economic foundations are not as strong as they used to be. The country has divided itself neatly in half with ideologies based on the direction we ought to take.

Half the country seems determined to place our future in the hands of politicians with the idea that somehow "they" can "make things better." These people blindly follow the lure of government programs, entitlements, and taxes. They follow the government handout. They crave the government concession. For some reason, they think that adding more government programs to an overburdened system will somehow create a new American Utopia of equality, goodwill, and peace.

Half the country tries to temper this headlong plunge over the Cliffs of Insanity. These people warn of the dangers of socialism and moral relativism. For their efforts, they are vilified, mocked, and openly hated for getting in the way of having an "open" and "equal" society. (And I do indeed use those terms mocking the hypocrisy of the left.)

Yet, much to my dismay, many of the people whom I have considered rational conservatives, who have promoted the foundational principles of the US, now march headlong after politicians or businessmen, in the futile hope that somehow "they" can "make things better."

We the people of the United States have lost the art of reason. Instead, we've generally replaced our responsibilities to elect good people who will protect our natural rights. We teach our children feel-good platitudes and mediocrity of thought. We elect, time and again, fools who now represent a country of fools.

It looks like this year's national election will be no different from any others from the past thirty years.

As a people, we deserve whom we get. Neither political party has offered any real differences for many years. Despite the virulent and spiteful words between the two parties (mainly from one direction) neither party really represents the foundational principles of the US anymore.

What about Donald Trump? Trump represents his own party. Perhaps that is his appeal among conservatives. Yet all I see in Trump is someone who has successfully created a cult of personality whose followers act just like a bunch of Democrats.

Followers of Hillary or Bernie have lost all sense of a moral compass. Their adherence to the doctrines of moral relativism and America-bashing have finally produced a people whose emotions and feelings get in the way of rational thought. Brought up in our wishy-washy educational system, these people condemn the foundations of our country, have nearly succeeded in removing them, then turn around and blame both the nature of the foundations and the structure when it collapses.

For example, they've successfully removed the rule of law in our court system. Then, blaming the rule of law for maintaining the "evil empire" of the US, they leave an unjust, arbitrary, and potentially dictatorial system in its place. When the system collapses underneath them, they will be first to condemn the structure for its inability to protect them.

This week we are faced with an election that places an emphasis on name-calling, blaming, and vitriolic language. We've placed our hopes in people, then have actively destroyed the institutions that created the ideals of life, liberty, and property. We've handed power to socialists, then have wondered why we no longer have any power over our government.

I am beginning to get a bit pessimistic about the future of the United States. "They" can never "make things better." Only we the people can.