Sunday, January 22, 2017

Some Thoughts on the Women's March Against Trump

A lot has happened since I was last able to log on and write a few words on the passing scene. Progressive politicians and the news media have gone out of their way to prove they are indeed part of the zombie apocalypse. Their uniform hatred of all things Trump have finally sucked what few brains they have left, out of their skulls, to dribble uselessly on the asphalt.

Barack Obama finally moved out of the White House. (I'll get to some thoughts on Barack Obama in another post.)

Donald Trump was sworn in as our 45th president. And millions of men and women protested.

OK, I don't get it. Sure, the women and men protesting Trump are upset and angry. I get that. Sure, they feel as if the election was stolen from them. I get that. After all, nearly every news media has confirmed that lie over and over again.

What I don't get is what the heck these people (if they are indeed part of the human race) are really protesting.

Some are protesting Trump because ten years ago he used a vulgar term when referring to a woman. How do these women protest? By glorifying vulgarity with "pussy hats" and by listening to some Hollywood elites spew foul and crass obscenities.

I mean, really Madonna? You're traumatized by Mr. Trump? This coming from a woman who redefined vulgarity in 1984 with a song about how her latest boyfriend makes her feel like a virgin all over again? Then, in the video, she gets off on a boat and a table? Or how about your book showing the raunchiest fetishes known to humans? Or how about the time you posed nude for Playboy? That wasn't vulgar? And what about those metal cone bras? Or the fetish reenactments on stage?

Some are protesting Trump because they think he'll eliminate "women's health care" in America, which in Progressiv-ese is code for "he'll cut federal funding that pays for women to murder their unborn babies." Any more, feminist dogma has little else to commend it, except for its rabid support of human fetus control.

Some are protesting Trump because Hillary lost, and she deserved to win the presidency because she was a totally liberal woman and had the correct anatomy and it's about time we had someone with the correct anatomy leading this country, darn it!

Which is about the lamest excuse for electing a person to the highest executive position in the country that can be manufactured.

I suspect, however, that the real reason most of the women and men who protested over the weekend did so because their brains have been utterly laid waste by the ignorant and shameful progressive dogmas that permeate our schools and our media.

And truth be told, it is precisely these whiney, incoherent, vulgar, ignorant, elitist, socialist displays of rage and hatred that have turned the tables against the Democrat party and the progressive ideals.